Want To Ensure Your Child Or Loved One Has A Safe Life Behind The Wheel?

Our Comprehensive “Preventative/Defensive Driver’s Training” Courses Do Just That!

The Entire New Driver Defensive Driver’s Course $49.95. Or The Florida Road Test Preparation Course For Only $14.95

Advance Driving School Of Florida

Why should your child or student take this training before allowing them risk injury behind the wheel? After all, conventional wisdom would have you hire a driving instructor and trust in their training abilities and knowledge. No matter what training school and no matter who is training, learning new skills at 70 MPH is a dangerous proposition and student safety often comes down to the speed of the reflexes the instructor has. Add to that fact, that driving schools are often operated by retirees with no actual training skills education or experience and whose only qualification is that they were once in a car wreck, even with an extra brake in the car there is significant risk.
12 Commandments of Safe/Defensive Driving

we teach how to safelynegotiate traffic and how to navigate safely to your desired destination

Automobile Operation

We provide our students with safe operation and emergency operation techniques

Driving School Ensures

More training and lessons doesn’t mean more money!This online training is designed so the student learns to drive in their mind before they endanger their body. They can take the course as many times as they need to, to master each lesson and its techniques before every getting behind the wheel!

Flexible Sschedule to Meet Student Needs

Online lessons available when they have the opportunity.The course is broken down into 7 easy to use online training lessons.

Best Service

More training costs nothing, course access for 1 year

Best Time Training

Always available anytime even on mobile devices

Easy to followtraining

The course guides the student on exactly how to use it,allowing themto quickly and safely become a highly skilled safe driver

Individual Approach

The course is designed to familiarize the student with all concepts then begin a logical process of practicing and mastering them at the student’s pace.

Professional instructor

The course designer/instructor is a Florida certified driving instructor as well as a professional course instructional designer and well-knownauthor and training provider with decades of experience.

Duplicate Pedals

No need, the student progresses through practice and does not go to the next phase until mastering the previous.No more parent or passenger stress!

All Documents

We provide the student and their sponsors with a detailed guide providing the contents of each lesson as well as tracking student progress throughout the training

Best Classroom

When and where the student needs and wants it. Young learners are awfully familiar with learning online. This course makes it interactive and easy for them.


This online Driver’s Training CourseWill Benefit:

High Anxiety Students

It allows them to learn in small segments and practice them building confidence and comfort as the progress
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Just received their learner’s permit – it lays out the path to becoming a safe and successful driver.
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Learning to drive as an adult can be intimidating. This course removes that intimidation with a clear path of progress and confidence building.
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Defensive Driving

We teach more than operating a vehicle in accordance with the law. We teach students to drive defensively so they can have a long and happy life behind the wheel.
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Teen Drivers Education

As a on the road driving instructor, the course developer successfully prepared many new and teen drivers with many expressing their kind thanks.
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real testimonials

What They
Say About Our

Tony Roberts is an amazing and a fun teacher. I passed my driving test with a perfect score. Not only does he perfectly teach you how to pass the test, but most importantly teaches how to be a safe driver on the "real road". Thank you very much Tony, was a very fun time!
I took my driving test with them last week. Of course I passed, all thanks to them. They really trained me well before the test. They also give great tips on driving that you would not get anywhere else, which boosted my driving skills. I definitely enjoyed my experience and would recommend this place 👍.
Lam Nguyen
My experience here was terrific! Tony was such a great teacher and is a fun guy too. He taught me to have more confidence in myself and in driving too. His teaching ways are easy to understand which help me relax behind the wheel. There was good communication and I definitely recommend this school for anyone. Thanks again Tony!
Jennifer Nguyen
At 41, I know nothing about driving. We chose the 6 Session Package with Road Test so I have plenty of time to learn and practice in between. I will not have my license without Driving School of Florida, they were professional, very patient, and will not only teach you driving lessons but a life skill, that is to make you a safe and defensive driver. Highly recommended! Thank you, Tony!
Maja Cuevas
I had an amazing experience with Tony. As a very nervous driver, he was so incredibly patient, and helped me to feel confident and eliminate my driving fears and learn to drive safely. He made driving fun!
Natalie Perlin
I had a wonderful experience with my instructor throughout all the lessons and learned a lot about the proper way to drive.
Matthew Freedman
Best decision ever! Tony was extremely helpful and patient during the teaching process. Wouldn’t of been able to get my license without him!
Courtney Ann
Where do I begin…Tony is absolutely fantastic! He is a highly experienced teacher and this shows from the lessons I was fortunate enough to have with him. He is able to explain things in a clear and concise way making the learning experience a joy. I was slightly nervous to start driving again, but with his patience and reassurance he has given me the confidence to get on the road. Thank you so much, Tony!
Victoria Souris
Thanks Tony! I was brought from not being able to pull out of the neighborhood to driving on the interstate with some confidence.
Blackout Robotics
I was absolutely TERRIFIED to drive. Refused to do it, refused to learn for years. Finally signed up to take this driving course and Tony Roberts was my driving instructor. He is an amazing driving instructor and taught me so much and helped break me from my fear of driving. He has such a positive mindset and made this a great learning experience for me. I’m so glad I signed up for this driving course. Thankyou so much Tony ! 10/10 I highly recommend.
Driving School of Florida is excellent. I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for driving lessons. I just finished a four session course with Tony and it was great. Tony is a very qualified and personable instructor with useful knowledge about traffic laws and regulations. Thanks so much!
Tom A
If it wasn’t for one for the instructors, Tony Roberts I honestly would not have been able to pass the driving test, great teachers, great lessons, awesome experience.
Carlos Rosado
Before I signed up with lessons with the Driving School of Florida, getting behind the wheel was frightening to me. In a short time period, Tony taught me the necessary skills to practice before I took the road test, and he also made sure that I felt a lot more confident behind the wheel. In a few short sessions, I learned so much. In between sessions, Tony also made sure that I practiced the right way, and felt mentally prepared for the road test. I recently took my road test for the first time and passed! I highly recommend Tony and the Driving School of Florida to anyone and everyone who wants the best preparation for the road.
Shivni Patel
Great experience! Tony is a very wonderful instructor, truly caring about the safety of his students and effectively teaching them in a calming and instructional manner. Excellent quality of service, wonderful person and business
Keil Lapore
My experience here was terrific! Tony was such a great teacher and is a fun guy too. He taught me to have more confidence in myself and in driving too. His teaching ways are easy to understand which help me relax behind the wheel. There was good communication and I definitely recommend this school for anyone. Thanks again Tony!
Jennifer Nguyen
I highly recommend Driving School of Florida. The instructors are knowledgeable and professional and focused on teaching safe driving. My son completed a series of driving lessons when he got his learner’s permit and a refresher lesson when it came time for his road test, which he passed with no problem. Less stress all around and he developed good habits behind the wheel from the beginning.
Sally Bielen
Tony is the only reason i have my license
Madden O'Brien
Tony Roberts

Tony Roberts


How long is the road test appointment?
The road test appointment can take between 30 minutes and possibly up to an hour. The actual driving test takes 5 to 10 minutes but the driver’s license issuing process can take awhile based on how busy the Tax Collector’s office is at the time.
I am 16 years old, can I get my driver’s license in Florida?
It is required that the driver’s license applicant have held their learner’s permit for one year and have had a minimum 50 hours of driving practice (10 night and 40 daylight driving). Applicants that meet these requirements and pass the road test can get their driver’s license at 16 years old.
What is the process for getting my class D/E driver’s license?
All applicants are required to take a drug and alcohol education course online. Next, applicants must go to the Tax Collectors office and take the written driver’s license exam. For successful applicants, Florida requires all applicants to have held their learner’s permit for at least a year and have met the driver’s practice requirements (50 hours). Applicants under 18 must have the appropriate Florida verification form signed and signed and notarized attesting that the applicant has met the 50 hour practice requirement or personally accompany the applicant to the Tax Collectors office and verify in person the applicant has the required practice hours.
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