Why We Do It

Driver’s training should be about the student! After all, driving is dangerous especially when the correct techniques and precautions are not used.

At the Advanced Driving School of Florida (ADSOF), it is all about the student! I decided to create this comprehensive online driver training system, because as an “on the road instructor”, I saw that the driving students were not being focused on by the training providers.

I witnessed young students who had already had drivers training in their high school. These students had received in car lessons from a driving school. The money was paid and the lessons over, yet, the students were still scared of driving and could barely keep the car on the road. There were students who had paid hundreds for an in the car instructor from driving schools and they were not taught the fundamentals of distance between vehicles, safe turning speeds, proper signal usage, proper braking and much more.

I was clear that some driving school’s management was focused more on making money than their student welfare and skills. Still others were focused more on telling their personal story and ignoring the needs of the student based on personal beliefs. I saw instructors in poor physical health being relied on to have reflexes fast enough to use the instructor’s brake to prevent a collision. These same instructors had already been in collisions during, “in the car”, student training sessions.

There Is A Better Way

I decided to create a driver’s training system that is focused on protecting the student from harm while ensuring they are thoroughly taught all the fundamentals of safe/defensive driving. A system that provides all the skills, techniques, and safe practicing guidelines that will develop them into a defensive and safe driver.

Most driving schools, like the one I was a contract trainer for, set their training sessions up in 4 or 6 hours, “in the car”, training sessions. While this works for many students, for some, it may take them 4 hours (or more) to be ready and ABLE to safely leave the parking lot! At $100 an hour this gets pricy very quickly!

I had student, a 41-year-old woman that required 18 hours of in the car sessions before she became skilled and confident enough to safely drive on the interstate.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford $1800 dollars to become a safe and defensive driver! Nor should they have to!

The first 3 hours with this woman, we spent in a dirt parking lot helping her learn to safely turn the car, as well as, use the brake and accelerator effectively.

She wasn’t alone there were many others that were either afraid of driving or it took them more than average time to develop the coordination and understanding of operating the vehicle. I also had several new teen driving students that took just as long to become skilled and confident. Often, it is not about whether they can or cannot safely operate the vehicle, it is their fear and lack of confidence that slows them down. That fear must be overcome safely for them to become a confident defensive driver.


A lot of a new drivers’ success came down to how much time their parents or sponsors practiced with them. While some parents or sponsors find it easy to teach the new driver calmly and constructively, many cannot. Often, the mom, dad, or their sponsor just did not feel safe in the car with the new driver. Nor did they know how to train them calmly and constructively or what to train and when. Unfortunately, not everyone is a trainer or has the ability not to panic in a stressful situation.

Our System Provides All

Our drivers training system is designed so it brings the new driver from no knowledge to full knowledge of being a defensive and safe driver. It develops the new driver at their own pace, so their skills and confidence increase together. It takes the new driver along a safe and practical path that includes scripted practice sessions allowing the student to learn safely and without risk. There is also no limit to the number of times the student can review the training. It provides them with visual and written training resources.

It does not only provide this incremental path for the student. Our system provides the parent, sponsor, (or as we refer to them), “the licensed evaluator”, with the exact path of what to practice, how to practice, where to practice, and when to practice, removing stressful situations and the pressure of not being in control of the vehicle.

The student is not put in driving situations beyond their current skills and abilities, so it allows for a much smoother learning process for everyone. It also relieves the sponsor or parent from having to know how to be a trainer. The training system smoothly develops the new driver easily and step-by-step to acquire the knowledge and skills through learning and application, to safely become a skilled defensive driver.

Now for much less than one hour of typical “in the car” driving school training new drivers can learn safely, risk free and at their own pace. Lower costs, less stress, more safety, comprehensive defensive driving training and safer roads for everyone, that’s what the ADSOF Defensive Drivers Training is all about!